PicAIsso = Pablo Picasso + AI

Picaisso is an initiative to keep Pablo Picasso's art alive and to continue creating new paintings that represent Picasso's true style thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

We are dedicated to create, train and improve the results generated by AI to achieve works whose strokes, perspectives and compositions are the same as those used by Pablo Picasso during his life as a painter.

Each painting goes through a process of creation, improvement and refinement that allows us to obtain a high quality result, which could well be a work of the real Pablo Picasso but without his characteristic signature.

Our goal is to create different collections so that the art of Pablo Picasso remains alive and in constant creation.

Each painting is generated as a 1/1 NFT in OpenSea where the entire public can acquire it or submit bids to become the owner of the work.

If you want to contact us, you can do it through our social networks or to our email info@ followed by our domain picaisso.art